We’re either victims, or victors of our choices.

I am 9. Quietly sitting in the back rows of Sunday service. The pastor begins the sermon. His powerful voice rings throughout the sanctuary:

1 Corinthians 6:12 “You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is good for you.” I sank lower in my seat.

Just don’t look at him.

We’re free to do as we wish, but we’re never free from its consequences. Nothing is ever undeserved. Like an avalanche rushing down a hill, it’ll eventually reach the bottom. And because we anticipate it, we stand ready for the repercussions of our sins.

Yet, the avalanche misses you by inches, instead engulfing others.  The unfair punishment turns you guilty, as people you care about suffer for your faults.

And there’s nothing you can do, but watch.

I stood behind her at the counter. Her lips trembling as she asks for “the pill”.  I hope she isn’t pregnant.

Choice is valued by how much one is willing to sacrifice. Like a child who jumps excitedly when her father tells her that he won’t be travelling this week. He doesn’t want to miss another one of her games for work.

Or the wife who tears up when her husband decides to finally quit drinking. Staying sober by her side throughout her chemotherapy. She needs him now more than he needs alcohol.

We’ve all stood at crossroads, weighing our options and hoping it’s not too late.

The only dilemma now is “Is it worth compromising for?”

Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge another heavy truth:

We’re either victims, or victors of other’s choices.


Written by Abigail Tan Sze – Xin. All rights reserved.


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